Easy, Fast, and Secure

eWallet - The app to handle all your payments! Send & receive money on your UAE mobile line, Pay Etisalat bills & Merchants. NO registration fees, NO minimum balance & NO bank account required.

How to get started

  1. Download eWallet App
  2. Follow easy registration steps
  3. Load your wallet
  4. You’re ready to go

Share Money with family & friends

Whether as a gift or in cases of emergencies,
eWallet lets you transfer funds to family and friends instantly in
a secure and convenient way.

International Money Remittance

eWallet allows you to send money to your loved ones wherever they are. With over 200 Countries and Territories globally and three products; Send direct to bank account, Send direct to mobile wallets and the traditional Over-the-counter.

Open for all

Regardless of which network you use or where you
bank, eWallet is open for you. All you need is a valid
Emirates ID and active mobile account.

Pay with eWallet at your favourite outlet!

Where to use eWallet?

Check out our extensive list of merchants

To register, cash-in or cash-out, visit any of our authorized agents

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