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eWallet is a digital wallet solution that enables consumers, agents, merchants and corporations to make and receive their payments in an easy, fast and secure way. The service is available via smartphone applications for consumers; web portals, smartphone applications and direct interface using APIs for agents, merchants and corporations.

Consumer: You can use eWallet to 

  • Send/receive money to and from family and friends in the UAE (receiver is not required to have an eWallet account)
  • Send money to your bank account
  • Buy airtime for UAE mobile numbers from etisalat
  • Pay Etisalat Bills
  • Fund your eWallet account by depositing cash at any of our agents, kiosks or ATMs 
  • Make payments to any of our merchants
  • Earn and redeem points on the etisalat Smiles programme

To enjoy these benefits, explore our user-friendly app.

Merchant: You can use eWallet to 

  • Accept payments for goods/services rendered
  • Empower your employees to receive payments for delivery services
  • Send/receive money to and from suppliers or business partners in the UAE
  • Send money to your bank account
  • Pay salaries to your employees

A consumer is an individual eWallet-registered user who sends and receives money on the eWallet and/or makes payments to merchants using the eWallet. 

An agent is a business entity that supports the eWallet service with registration, and cash in/cash out services. 

A merchant is a business entity that accepts digital payments from eWallet users.


  1. Make sure you have an active UAE postpaid or prepaid number as this will be used for any eWallet interaction.
  2. Download the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  3. The app will automatically recognize that you are a new user and will ask you to enter your mobile number. You will then be asked to enter the code sent to you via SMS.
  4. Follow the instructions to register; once complete, you will be automatically registered with your status as “on Digital KYC”.


Fill in the form on the website with the required details or contact us on our toll free number 800 eWallet. 


Fill in the form on the website with the required details or contact us on our toll free number 800 eWallet.

eWallet does not sit on the phone but on a highly-secure backend platform that has bank grade security and availability, verified and licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE.

Access to eWallet is via your phone and requires a match between your mobile number and your phone. Any change between the two will require a reactivation of the account before any transaction can be completed. 

In addition, eWallet requires authentication at every level of transaction. At registration, you will need to set a PIN to protect your account; post this you can set-up the even more secure biometric authentication via fingerprint scan and/or even face ID.

The service is presently open to all citizens and residents of the UAE with an active UAE postpaid or prepaid number. eWallet will soon be also offered to visitors from the GCC and tourists with valid visas.

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